We’re no. 8 in "Press" magazine ranking


Press magazine has just summed up last year in the world of public relations. And although there are a few lessons for the whole industry to learn, let us focus solely on ourselves. Our agency was included in 3 rankings; not only did we find ourselves in Top 10 Best PR agencies in Poland, but we also came 2nd in the group agencies category and 6th in growth dynamics.

Once again, Press magazine has looked into the national marketing communications market. That’s right, marketing communications; according to the article by Joanna Sędek,  the traditionally understood ‘PR’ is inevitably coming close to its demise. And though every single PR entrant has heard this statement at least once, we know that numerous Polish agencies have handled the devastating diagnosis surprisingly well.

As it turns out, the key to success is multiplying one’s competencies. The services offered by agencies included on the top of the ranking include, apart from the ‘classic’ media relations, influencer marketing, digital and social media, events, and content marketing; all of which are offered by Multi Communications.

Thanks to the continuous development of our qualifications at Multi Communications, 2017 brought us an increase of our revenue by 21.9% compared to the previous year, which resulted in 6th place in the category evaluating growth dynamics. Based on the revenue, our agency is 8th in Poland with the revenue of 10.67 million zł. In the group agencies category, Multi Communications came 2nd with the revenue of 12.46 million zł.

Is there a better way to end the summer holidays? We don’t think so. Wyluzowany

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