Sober thinking mode on!


We’re taking the next step in our collaboration with Carlsberg Poland

Love Life – Think Sober 2018 is a continuation of last year’s educational campaign promoting responsible alcohol consumption. Just like last year, we’re not here to preach; rather, we want to convince people that sober thinking is important and it constitutes an inseparable element of modern lifestyle.

We’re aware of how important fun is in life; however, we also know that it’s worth having fun in a reasonable and responsible manner as it’s the only way to truly enjoy life. Our slogan, #THINKSOBER, links to the ability of rational thinking, making thoughtful decisions, exploring the world and enjoying every single day.

Our campaign will run between June and July 2018. What are we planning to do with our partner, Carlsberg Poland?

  • THINK SOBER events – on 9th of June Warsaw residents were invited to dedicated events organised at the following Carlsberg Poland’s partner venues: Królestwo, British Bulldog Pub, and Explosion Club. There were amusements, campaign gadgets, and discount vouchers for a safe taxi ride home.
  • LOVE LIFE – THINK SOBER survey. Together with SW Research agency, we’ve asked for Poles’ opinions and attitudes to the following key areas: the meaning of sober thinking in life, alcohol-related experiences and assertiveness in dealing with alcohol. We put emphasis on situations which should be categorically separated from any alcohol consumption. Our research communications expert is Magdalena Chorzewska, an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist.                                                                        
  • Nationwide campaign at LuxMed and Medicover centres
  • Collaborating with influencers – Carlsberg Poland continues their collaboration with last year’s ambassador, Łukasz Jakóbiak. For the July chapter of the campaign he will be joined by Marta Lech-Maciejewska aka SuperStyler, who will speak about family and women’s perspective on alcohol consumption. The choice of these influencers was not incidental. Marta, an active mom of two, focuses on her family, health, and exploring the world. Łukasz, on the other hand, values life based on balance and satisfaction; he also puts a high value on responsible alcohol consumption.

Follow the THINK SOBER tab on Carlsberg Poland’s website; there’s a lot going on there!

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