Multi embarks on a journey wth a new client!




Here comes another exciting challenge! Once again we’re going to be responsible for creating and running a communications campaign supporting a new brand launch in Poland. This time it’s Selina, a unique boutique hotel concept and one of the fastest growing hotel management brands in the world.


Selina, established in 2015, is a brand focusing on travellers intent to see the world without limitations as well as work in flexible systems in any chosen location. Combining style and comfort of boutique hotels with hostels’ characteristic social life concept, Selina provides a unique, incomparable travelling experience. It is a combination of interesting design and a wide offer of accommodation, coworking and recreational opportunities enabling the guests to visit various corners of the world as well as integrate with local communities and other travellers, relax, find entertainment, and do telework. The unique business model based on Selina’s long-term real estate renting, balanced development and involvement in local communities’ life ensures tangible benefits both for estate owners, investors, travellers and local residents.


Currently Selina owns 24 locations in 8 Latin American countries, specifically in cities, at the seaside and even in the jungle. In 2018, the brand is planning a dynamic growth on new markets including North America and Europe. Poland is one of the first European countries for the brand to open their hotels in.

Collaborating with Selina is another project by Multi Communications which gives us the task of introducing a completely new brand in Poland. This time it’s a fascinating journey with a unique, innovative concept combining the best features of hotels and hostels. Selina has appreciated our creativity, wide experience in both B2B and consumer communications, speed and understanding of the brand’s philosophy and goals – says Mariusz Pleban, CEO of Multi Communications.

Multi will be responsible for managing communications, which is going to be mostly B2B at the initial stage, including media relations and strategic consulting. The project is run by our corporate team.

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