GDPR in PR: how to implement it in your business? Prowly e-book with our case study


GDPR, or RODO in Polish, is a four-letter abbreviation which may shake our field to the core as soon as 17 days from now. 25 May 2018  is the day when new personal data regulations come into force in the EU. How will this affect PR specialists’ work? How should you get ready for it? All of this and more can be found in the latest Prowly ebook titled “GDPR in PR: how to implement it in your business?” including a case study by Mariusz Pleban, CEO of Multi Communications, concerning the implementation of new regulations at our agency. Below you’ll find a sneak peek of our case study and the download link for the ebook!

The first signals about GDPR sounded like an alarm siren. Obviously, it never means good news. Best case scenario was a carpet-bombing of problems, complications and, as many have predicted, huge fines and a total revolution in company management systems. A disaster was on its way.

That was the first shock wave which raised our interest in the subject exactly one year before the GDPR implementation. We decided not to panic; instead, our goal was to acquire more knowledge. We collaborated with our legal office and worked on our own as well. After all, it was a new subject for all of us and it gave us new interpretation challenges. For this reason we decided, first of all, to do in-depth online desk research. It turned out there was already a lot of resources available in Polish. However, searching around English online resources gave us the bigger picture and a little more peace of mind as there was more information available in English. Secondly, we attended multiple paid presentations arranged by legal offices. We noticed that each of those events was either starting, or finishing – or both – with a mention of the fines described in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. Yes, it was supposed to be scary; it was meant to wake you up and encourage taking some action. Thirdly, we attended a whole-day conference for personal data administrators.

By taking these steps, we have learned various points of view, which enabled us to understand that GDPR is nothing but... salvation for communications agencies. Why? Check out the Prowly ebook available here. Enjoy!

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