Cannes Lions’ 2016 juror Barbara Pleban sums up the contest

How festival Cannes Lions looks behind the scenes? What is the secret of winning campaign? Is the reported projects are used in traditional PR tools? Among the jurors of this year's Cannes Lions was our representative – owner and Vice President of Multi Communications. Barbara Pleban shared his impressions from the course of the festival through the major media dealing with PR.

Barbara Pleban communication is engaged in nearly 20 years, so calling her among the jurors Cannes Lions 2016 was no surprise. The owner of Multi Communications evaluated the entries in the category of PR Lions. Her analysis of the subject best designs communication campaigns that have been released to the jury from all over the world. How they did her job, which was discussed during the meeting, facing dilemmas became jurors? Barbara recalls his day in the life of a juror in the article: http://bit.ly/29c15mk.

Cannes Lions is one of the most famous competitions in the communications industry, celebrated every year in 62 years. Over the years its momentum, multiplicity competition categories and brands and celebrities present at the celebration of the very changed, which was not without impact on the image of the Festival: http://bit.ly/29rbk5H.

Features connecting victorious campaigns of the old edition of the contemporary are, according to Vice President of Multi Communications: the simplicity of the concept, surprising content and consistency of message, which translates to 'sales' potential and strength activities. An example of such a campaign are eg. The action of a small brewery in Florida, with a remarkable creation in the form of edible six-pack of beer. With the knowledge that many packs of beer lands in the water, the brand has created a package of 100% edible by sea creatures. The concept of simple and potentially adaptable to many beverage producers gained favor with the jury. As a simple, surprising and effective way to communicate your business? Worth reading: http://bit.ly/29UKD6G.

Barbara notes that the PR going strong. The relatively young category competition enjoys quite a success-in this year's edition of notifications was as much as 13% more than in 2015, with the result that the jurors had for the opinion of more than 2.2 thousand. wash. Significantly increased the quality and awareness of the topics, including those socially important, such as violence, inequality of pay between men and women or corruption. More information on: http://bit.ly/29zYilG.

As the festival Cannes Lion 2016 is perceived by the brand and the media? Cannes Lions is the media, communication counterparts Oscars in the film industry and a great celebration of creativity. For the jury is a unique chance to meet the most exceptional campaigns from around the world, but not only. Just like any event of this type, however, has also its dark side. That happened in the case of agency Grey Singapore, which has made the competition-based application for saving the lives of refugees, for which he received a Bronze Lion. Later it turned out that the application does not work, and the industry was in an uproar. In connection with a wave of criticism, Grey's representatives agreed to ask the prize organizers of the festival Cannes Lions. More on this topic: http://bit.ly/29sGLbJ.

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