What can you eat while chewing mounds of information from the world of marketing? 

According to Wikipedia, a llama’s upper lip is divided horizontally, which enables the animal to have better control while eating. The llama’s stomach is muscular and has three compartments.  Even though llamas are not systematically classified as ruminants, from the anatomical and physiological perspective they do chew their food. Just like we do while searching for information online!

Although January is perfect time for evaluations of all kind, we are not looking back to the past year but checking which way the wind is blowing in 2018! How has the new year started in the world of marketing? We are introducing a couple of actions worth your attention:


January may be cold but new year’s resolutions are a hot issue. The most popular change that people try to implement with the beginning of a new year is to give up smoking, followed by losing some weight. Experts from the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Tobacco Control did not leave the topic unanswered and in January they made use of a spot that had been created by the Irish Health Service Executive as part of their anti-tobacco campaign. The ad quickly became a viral overseas, too. Where does its success lie? Please check here or ask Gloria Gaynor.


Interestingly, it was the tobacco company Philip Morris International that decided to help people stop smoking. On January 1, the company launched a campagin in Great Britain encouraging to quit the deathly addiction. The following slogans appeared in the press: “Our new year’s resolution: We’re trying to give up cigarettes”. It might sound absurd if we take into account that Philip Morris International is a company producing tobacco; however, it turns out that there is more to this initiative than meets the eye. These actions are the next step of the corporation’s attempts to work out a smoke-free alternative. That is why a content page with advice relating to giving up smoking has been created as part of the action. On the website you can find information about alternative products for smokers like e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products. The group has revealed that in the last ten years it has spent over 2.5 bn pounds for research and developing products that are supposed to be an alternative to traditional cigarettes. This proves that Philip Morris has come a long way since it created the Marlboro Man.


This year we have also found out how to... take an ideal selfie. And it was not just anybody that we took this knowledge from. It was Robert Lewandowski, who has presented a small self-portrait guide in form of a short video that was made in cooperation with the brand Huawei. The tutorial shows that according to Robert Lewandowski there are just a few conditions that need to be met in order to photograph well. Among other things you must have a phone by Huawei and “show something spectacular”. In case of the sportsman the spectacular thing was his widely commented new haircut and hair color. The amusing video appeared on the social media of the ambassador of the brand Huawei and resulted in a large number of responses. The post of the footballer on Facebook was reacted to almost 50,000 times and his video was watched by over 1,3 m people.


Probably all of us know the idea present in beauty magazines where you have to rub a page containing an ad of perfumes with your wrist and it will release an intensive scent.  It turns out that this is a relic of the past. Now, papers shall not be rubbed but... peed on! Right, this year IKEA has introduced a completely new quality of press advertisement. This time the Swedish brand encourages their clients to urinate directly onto... the ad. Why? IKEA has prepared a special action targeted at mums-to-be. Pregnant women who apply their urine to a special window on the company’s advertisement of cots will see a special offer regarding the piece of furniture. So, the ad works like a pregnancy test and was developed under the watchful eye of experts from the medical laboratory Mercene Labs. The novelty appeared on the Swedish magazine for women “Amelia” and its main slogan is: “Peeing on this advertisement can change your life“. Well, those who followed the instructions of the advertisement had probably never done it before so it has definitely changed their lives.

 5.    #420

The beginning of the new year was incredibly favorable for all fans of recreational cannabis smoking in California and very fruitful for the marketers there. With the beginning of 2018, California was the next state to legalize marihuana. Jack in The Box, a fast-food restaurant chain, decided to make use of this fact and started cooperation with Merry Jane, which is an Internet platform established by Snoop Dogg and focused on the stimulant. Thanks to their initiative, people over 21 had the chance to legally consume marihuana and get a special Munchie Meal offer. (The munchies is the slang description of a sudden craving for food as a result of cannabis consumption). The set consisted of a burger, taco, churros, three pieces of chicken, French fries and a drink, and it price was not by accident equal to... $4,20. (for the uninitiated: 420 or 4/20 is the symbol of cannabis smoking subculture popular in the USA). This direct and successful communication targeted at a narrow subculture is no mean feat since it resounds even abroad! Here you can read more about the cooperation.


Special thanks to Matylda Żemajtis for sharing this amazing llama photo.


   Aleksandra Świetlik, Junior Account Executive at Multi Communications

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